TLC Fitness Center

Cybexnustep2TLC Physical Therapy, Inc. believes that fitness is the key to injury prevention, faster healing, and a healthy lifestyle. Our fitness center is located in Webster, next to TLC’s main office. TLC’s fitness center is open for patients and public 24/7 and is available for exercising, rehabilitation and therapy purposes. We can even help you develop your own exercise program. Call or stop by Webster office (605) 345-3710 to set up fitness center membership. TLC’s Fitness Center offers:

One-On-One Fitness Consultation Available.

TLC Fitness Center Membership cost (per month) include:

  • Adults – $30.00
  • Seniors – $25.00
  • Students 16 years to high school graduate- $15.00
  • Daily passes are also available Monday-Friday 8 to 5

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